Tuesday, May 24, 2016


Having an irrational fear of something is usually considered an a phobia. Phobias come in many different fears and categories. A phobia of something is where a person is afraid to do or be around something even if it is a silly reason. Some symptoms of phobias are your heart will pound really fast, your speech is cut off and it doesn't let you talk easy, you loose your breathe some, you sweat, and you tremble and shake.Everyone has a phobia of many different things going from being afraid of the dark to being afraid of the heart. It's usually scary for kids when they have to face the cause of their fear.  Some of these phobias that people have are pretty serious and some just seem crazy but it's an actual fear of something. Some types of phobias are:

Acrophobia which is a fear of heights
Amaxophobia is where you're afraid of riding in cars
Brontophobia is the fear of thunder and lighting
Caligynephobia is a fear of beautiful women
Fears of crowds are known as Demophobia
Ecophobia is the fear of home
Harpaxophobia is the fear of being robbed
Hydrophobia is the fear of water or of rabies
If you have any type of anxiety then you are more than likely to be at risk for getting some sort of phobia. Some ways to get rid of your phobias is either to do that thing that you're afraid of. Or go to a counselor or therapist and talk to them about your fears. Phobias stop many many adults and children from doing something they love to do because of the fact that they are afraid of it.


Disney world facts

Everyone loves going to theme parks, one of the biggest theme parks are Disney World and Disney Land but how much do we really know about two of the famous amusement parks in the world? Do we really know all things there is to know about planning a trip going to Disney Land?  Disney Land is a really fun place to go and have the time of your life. It is once in a life time experience that you'll remember for a lifetime. Here are some of the facts that people may not know.
1. Disney World is the size of San Francisco
2. When Disney World first opened the admission only costed $3.50
3. All of the hotel rooms that Disney World has it would take you a whole life time to stay in every room
4. The Cinderella Castle that everyone wishes they can stay in will be nearly impossible to book a night to sleep in (unless you win a contest held by Disney)
5. The Cinderella Castle in made of fiberglass
6. Grand opening had 10,000 in attendance
7. Mickey Mouse has 290 outfits
8. 3,000 species are in The Animal Kingdom
9. Disney World has the most employers
10. At Christmas time Disney Land has more than 1,500 tress in decoration
11. Employees are called "cast members"
12. Sea Aquariums have been used more than 5.7 million gallons of water.
13. Mickey Mouse heads can be found all over the park
14. No place in Disney World sells gum

Thursday, May 19, 2016

5 Cool DIY Projects

For those people who get so bored during the summer and get really crafty, here is 5 projects you could do..
1. Make wreathes for different seasons or themes 
2. Make hair bands/ accessories
3. Take a Shampoo/Body wash bottle and cut it to hold up your phone while charging.
4. Cut old clothes and turn them into different styles of clothing.
5. Make different picture frames for pictures.

Friday, May 13, 2016

4 Ideas for Blogs

Sometimes thinking of ideas to blog about can be hard because even the best writers have writers block. Here's a list to start you off with something and maybe turn it into something of your own.

#1 Make a contest. Making a contest will draw in a ton of people.

#2 Make a guide or tutorial. Plenty of people get on the Internet every single day to look up how to do something and making a guide would help out thousands of people.

#3 Post a small story. If you don't have a background in writing and want to start off but also want some positive feedback post a blog. You'll gather up some feedback to improve your writing.

#4 Post a list of popular songs, movies, or TV show's. A lot of people are also looking for new things to listen or watch and having a list that they could choose from could be very useful.

5 fun ideas for summer

Summer is the time where everyone gets to together and enjoys their days off from school. From childhood to senior year, students and parents all look forward to spending days off soaking up sunlight. Sometimes during the long break you may run out of fun ideas to do and then catch yourself sitting inside your whole summer. Well here are 5 fun ideas that you could do during your summer.

1. Gather up a bunch of friends from school or around your neighborhood and start a campfire! Camp fires bring people together and you often meet new friends.

2. A great way to earn a tan and to enjoy the day is going out on a lake with a couple of friends. You could spend the day soaking up the sun laying on floats or you could go for a cold refreshing swim, the choice is yours.

3. Although some people may disagree or may not be attracted to such activities like these, have a paintball war with some buddies! A lot of stores are starting to sell paintball guns and it'd be easy to go out, buy a gun, gather up some friends, and then get payback on some of your friends!

4. Have a water balloon fight! This is one of the best things to do during the summer because not only do you get to spend time with friends but its competitive and it cools you off.

5. Spend the night with some friends you don't really ever talk to. You never know, some people aren't like they seem and spending a little extra time with them could start a friendship!

SVHS Baseball

Spring Valley baseball has wrapped up. All the athletes hate to see it go but ponder back into a pretty good season. With Sectionals the Timber wolves placed with a #1 seed which gave them a BY in the first round of the tournament.

The Timber wolves then played the loser of the Huntington Highlanders and the Midland Knights (Later determined, the loser was Huntington.) Spring Valley then played the Highlanders and won with a solid score of 9-2.

The day after was 2 of the best teams in the Sectionals going head to head. Midland and the Timber wolves. Going back and forth it ended in a 2-1 game with Midland coming out victorious. This then put the Timber wolves at a disadvantage because if they lost the next game they'll be knocked out and Midland would become Sectional Champions.

The next day the Timber wolves went into the next game playing Midland once again with their heads high looking for the victory at the end of the day. Battling back and forth Midland overthrew the Timber wolves near the end of the game and become Sectional champions ending the Timber wolves season.

Strange Addictions

Have you ever been addicted to anything? Video games? Netflix? There are some weird addictions that you would never even think about. There is even a TV show dedicated to some of these people. It's called "My Strange Addictions" and it air on TLC. There is everything from drinking nail polish to being in love with you car. Here are a 12 of some of the weirdest addictions that have ever been on the TV show.
    Image result for drinking nail polish
  1. Eating drywall
  2. Having an actual relationship with a human size doll
  3. Eating sofa cushions
  4. Eating toilet paper
  5. Drinking nail polish
  6. Sniffing a baby doll head
  7. Drinking urine
  8. Snorting baby powder
  9. Falling in love with your car
  10. Being obsessed with looking like Justin Bieber
  11. Addicted to being an adult baby
  12. Eating a deceased person
Normally if someone eats unusual things it mean that they have a disease or they have some kind of vitamin deficiency. Now having a relationship with a doll is a completely different story. If you think your addicted to something hardcore, watch this show and your addiction is nothing compared to what they are going through. If you are interested in watching "My Strange Addictions" it come on Wednesdays at 10 o'clock.